Please Find Answers to Several FAQs Below.


Q: How many days is a project?

​A: A two week overseas project is usually about 17 days, 2-3 of the days for travel, 10 clinic days and 4 rest days.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: You can get involved by going to the warehouse every Monday evenings to help sort, wash and measure the glasses. By doing this you become familiar with the glasses and how they are sorted, which will allow you to dispense glasses on the project. Dispensing the glasses to the patient is very rewarding as you will receive the hugs, smiles and thank you’s from a pair of eyeglasses.

Q: What if I can’t go to the warehouse because I live out of town?

A: If you are unable to go to the warehouse, then we ask that you collect eyeglasses from friends, family and your community.

Q: How can I collect eye glasses?

A: We are happy to provide collection boxes and brochures.

Q: How do I confirm my space on the project?

A: Team members are finalized in July. It is best to contact Dr. Roma-March by email to inform her of your interest.

Q: How do we pack for a project?

A: All checked baggage will have eyeglasses and equipment, therefore team members must pack what they need in a carry on. We usually have a couple of boxes for team members to pack extraneous items.

Q: Can my spouse or family member join?

A: Yes we are happy to have all types of volunteers on our project. However, we do have a limit on our team size and on the number of lay volunteers. The reason we put a limit to the team size is to make the experience worth while for everyone so that everyone is involved. We also cannot take too many lay volunteers as it will make the team inefficient and we will not be able to serve the people as well.

Q: How many people go on a project?

A: Our team size ranges from 14-22 and is a first come first serve basis that is finalized by the team leader.

Q: Do you take lenses only?

A: No we do not take lenses only. We take only complete set of frames and lenses that are not badly scratched or broken.

Q: Do you take progressive lenses?

A: No we do not take progressive lenses as they are custom made for each individual and time consuming to fit properly.

Q: Do you take sunglasses?

A: We only take non prescription sunglasses that have no scratches.

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